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May 022012

I taught Soccer for a city-wide fitness program yesterday and today! It was way fun, but I haven’t been working on Aces Wild directly.
I’ve been trying to get a shader to work instead of just duplicating all the character assets. Unfortunately, I didn’t know what I was doing back in the day, so I have to use photoshop to get different color palettes. This is really easy, but it makes the file and run-time size huge. If I can get a shader to work, I can have way more color palette options, way less loading and way less memory at run-time. It still wouldn’t be as idea if I new what I was doing in the beginning, though. OH WELLS!

The deadline for the indieCade competition just arrived yesterday. I actually submitted way back when it first opened. There haven’t been many changes to the main game, so I’m still feeling good about it.
A pretty much final build will be ready for the Dream Build Play competition which deadlines on June 12th.
This one might not be public! Super sorry about that, but it’s getting to be the final game and I need to make preparations for getting this bad boy to market.
Don’t worry though! It’s gonna be very affordable!
We’ll see you in a bit, Wilders!

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