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Tyler Doak / Culture Attack Studio » Almost Alpha and The Trouble With Wild
Jun 292012

The past few days I’ve just been touching up little things and working on the bosses. It feels like I haven’t done much, I just played the first few screens and some bosses the game is feeling amazing. I just have to set up a few more things with every boss and the main arcade mode is basically complete!! It’s really quite a feeling!
After that, I will finish up the other playable characters and balance the other difficulties and 2 player for all those.
That’s still quite a lot to do!
I’ve also been in contact with a voice actress and the rest of the cast will be voiced soon as well!

One of my goals was to try and have a game that had a single meter or variable that determined a lot.
For the most part I feel like I’ve succeeded, but throughout development, I’ve wanted to add other little hidden meters to sort of balance the difficulty a bit on the fly. I was reluctant because I felt it betrayed my design goal.
Recently I’ve added difficulty modifiers based on the Bonus multiplier. I felt this was ok because it really only made an impact when you were playing impeccably.
About yesterday it really hit me that this still wasn’t enough. With Wild it was really swingy where the difficulty would Ramp up then die off erratically. This was expected in a sense because my goal was to be able to influence the difficulty as you played. After balancing a bit with the Bonus difficulty modifier a similar thing happened. When you got hit, you lose a bunch of Bonus which immediately brought down the difficulty. Just one mistake! Further, when you meet up with a boss or beat a level, your Wild and Bonus are reset. This, again, kills the difficulty.
I know adding a traditional Rank variable a la Manic Shooters and Godhand will really make a difference. This way difficulty will be able to permeate past these things and be based on a more general account of how well you’re playing and ramp the difficulty as necessary.

Guess I’m off to do all these things!
Stay Tuned, Wilders.
We’re about there!

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