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Aug 012012

Hey, peeps!
I haven’t worked much on Ay Dubs for the past couple weeks. Just been really busy because family was visiting for CHEYENNE FRONTIER DAYS!!!! And I had a weird work schedule because of CHEYENNE FRONTIER DAYS!!!!! And then had to unexpectedly work on days I wanted to work on Aces Wild.
Here we are now, though and I’m almost back into the swing of things.
Did some voice work today. Downloaded a ton of dog sfx, cleaned them up, put them into the game. Then hated them! They were awful. So, then I tried barking myself. It’s much cleaner and nicer, but I’m not a good dog voice actor so it just sounds like, not just a human barking, but Ace himself barking. So it just won’t work.
After that pissed me off real bad, I recorded some voice for the ninjas. It’s pretty typical, but sounds great, hopefully it will sound good in the game as well.
That’s basically what I’m working on! Just a few more things to finish up in the main game. Just revising where needed. polishing up the bosses more. Balancing the battle mechanics.
Trying really hard for August 30th. WHICH IS FUCKING CRAZY!
Stay Tuned, Wilders!

4 Responses to “Voice Actin’”

  1. Crest says:

    August 30th?! Holy butts! I hope you’re not rushing yourself.

    Do you think you’ll support the game after release? Patches or fixing any under the radar bugs? Or even extra content?

    I’m also interested about how close to your origional vision you think this has become?

    Regardless, for a one man team (aside from your music guy, who got it spot on!) you’ve got something truley awesome to show and I hope you get the chance to make more, you have the right ideas. You might want to make a few more short videos or something to advertise before release

  2. Tyler says:

    Thanks, man!!
    I hope I’m not rushing… Everyone keeps accusing me of it though!
    Your comments make my heart sing!
    I think the game is very close to the original vision, but has changed in many ways.
    In a strict sense, I originally set out to make a game that was about fighting tons of enemies at once. That’s why the main character’s name is Ace, meaning one. And Wild meaning it beats everything else. That aspect sort of fell to the wayside but you still fight a good number of enemies at once. I think a game like that is still possible but it made more sense to tone down the enemy count because the enemies are really harsh in this game.

    The aerial combat became a much bigger focus because the gameplay became very analog. There weren’t really air or ground moves after a while, so I just kept pushing in that direction.

    Steam is launching a new qualification service called Greenlight on August 30th, so that’s why I’m pushing for that date. A new, polished gameplay trailer will be a big part of that.

    I plan on doing a fair amount on Aces Wild after I release it. I have countless ideas for the game so it wouldn’t be silly to expect more content but I can’t promise anything specific because there’s tons more stuff I’m excited to work on. Fixing bugs and stuff: It would be criminal if I didn’t!
    I really appreciate your support, man, and I hope you’ll love the game when it comes out!

  3. Gabriel says:

    That’s it, “analog”, that’s exactly what makes it awesome. Loved many of the versions of the game, can’t wait to see how the final one will turn out. Excited for the changes in the combat system and to see the complete campaign. Also, fucking coop! Yeah!

    In the end did you put in the randomized arena mode you talked about?

  4. Tyler says:

    Thanks, homey!
    I am still working on the randomized stuff. There will definitely be an arena mode where you pick a persistent stage then fight a set of enemies wave one after the other.
    Then within that there will be variations like: predetermined sets, fully random, endless, etc…

    I hope to have some sort of random environment layout too, but that’s the really hard part.

    Within the main arcade mode there will be points where you’ll get random or more enemies based on certain conditions.

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