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Sep 282012

I have 79 emails with the Label, Aces Wild Voice Auditions.
A few characters have been settled on and offers have been sent to those individuals.
Overall, just the experience of sending out a casting call for the game has been insane! In a good way.
So much talent and they’re basically all doing it for free (I’m offering a slight revenue share though).
I really couldn’t have asked for anything better. Even though I’ve sent the request to an ‘amateur’ (i only ever use this word to mean it’s original, positive definition meaning lover) forum I don’t feel like I’m settling or even feel any wanting for something better. These gals and guys are truly skilled and passionate! The only thing I have any negative feelings over is that I wished I had more characters to use all their voices. Simply: VOICE WORK IS SO COOL!

Right now all the main arcade stages are “done” but they don’t feel perfect. So while I keep improving the bosses, I keep my eyes open to improve the stages where I can.
For some reason, some of the bosses have been really easy to make fun, while others are difficult or finicky.

Joan, for instance, was pretty fun right away. You fight her while flying around a moving semi. She fires missiles and does crazy kicks and you have to keep dodging to stay in the air. So this foundation is wonderful but eventually becomes flat. The experience needs to be deepened a bit. But when i do this, the flow of dodging the missiles and attacking gets busted up. It is a VERY difficult balance of randomness and flow. I have a new attack for her that will help a lot however.

Gene is a real toughy. He’s been hard from the beginning. I’ve never really loved the encounter, though I still love the concept in my head. Basically he’s supposed to have a difficult rhythm. Sometimes fast aggressive, sometimes evasive. Then sort of ‘learns’ as the fight goes on against the player so that he evades and counters in an increasingly difficult fashion.

Just gotta keep at it!

The other bosses are on their way and the path is clear, so I’m not worried.

Stay Tuned, Wilders!

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