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Tyler Doak / Culture Attack Studio » Aces Wild Released!
Aug 082013

IT’S DONE!! Aces Wild is now available for purchase!
You can see the widget on the right! –>
Check Out the PRESS PAGE Here!
Check Out The Game Page For More Info!

5 Responses to “Aces Wild Released!”

  1. Jojo says:


  2. Blaiz0r says:

    That’s great news, congrats.

    What’s the latest on getting steam keys for people that already bought your game through the Humble Widget?

  3. David says:

    Okay first of all, I don’t think this game is worth 10 bucks. It quits continuously when I play two player with my little brother, needs patching. The game itself is cool and I like the beat em up style and the bosses are tough, but if the game keeps quitting I feel I have wasted my money. Other than that it is hard to tell where you are on the screen because of the bright colors on two player and I think the ninja eagle needs to be a different color form the rest.

  4. John says:

    I think this game is fully worth the $10 that I put in to it. I’ve played my moneys worth and really enjoy the combat system, fluidity and challenge. The game runs smoothly and I haven’t run into any bugs or crashed yet. Would recommend this game highly.

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