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Forever Frontier

One of several new games I’m working on right after Aces Wild.
This is a turn based RPG and I hope to develop it for mobile devices.
Besides standard RPG combat, I want to focus on exploration, survival, conquest and entrepreneurship.
Not only will your characters explore to find treasure, but also set up trade, businesses and perhaps bigger things.
The world will be procedurally generated.

The character’s main class will focus on the battle aspect, while each sub class has benefits beyond battle.

Classes will determine Equipment and Skill slots
Some skills are weapon type specific
Some skills are Class specific
Some skills are specific to a particular piece of equipment

Main Classes
Gentleman/Lady: Evasive, fast, fights unarmed or with handguns, few equipment slots
Commando: can use all types of firearms, cannons and ordinance as well as recovery skills
Knight: wields large weapons and cannons with heavy armor to protect allies
Hatamoto: fierce front-line fighter uses katana and cannons
Cowboy/Cowgirl: cool-headed fighters that use katanas and revolvers. super high initiative
Slayer: large pool of varied skills and equipment for animal opponents, survival and large enemies
Covert: stealthy abilities and traps
Sorcerer: wears heavy armor and wields firearms and magic
Highlander: wears light armor and can use all types of swords
Gladiator: able to use all sorts of weapons and armor for fighting large groups of enemies
Mystic: can enchant allies with magical effects. Fights with curved swords and unarmed.

Sub Classes
Merchant: extra equipment slots and better commerce
Artisan: can craft items
Scholar: extra skill slots and can discover certain types of lore
Explorer: survival skills and lore about natural areas

Right now, it’s just a feeling. I hope I can draw it out and make a great game!

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