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Sep 152012

Oh man… With a title like that, I should have more to say. I’ve blogged about this before, but 4 years ago I had been trying to get a nice demo of an area for an RPG maker game I was working on called Beyond the Veil. It was supposed to come out on September 15th. For months, I had been hating the project, but wanted to keep going as I had spent tons of time on it (over a year). At work, I had been doing sketches of a new game I wanted to work on and kept bouncing ideas for it off of a good friend. So the day I wanted to release a demo for Beyond the Veil, I started drawing animations for Ace.

The past couple of days I’ve just been working on the menu and map files so that its easier for users to drop in their own levels (I know i’ve been saying that a lot too ;p).

I have a to-do list that basically has everything else that I need to do on it. Some of the things are small-ish but creative–like: make bosses better–others are easy-technical things which means they just require a little to a lot of work but not much though. Others still are hard-technical which require a lot of time and work still. These are all rolled into Coop features, especially netplay. Which I hope I can get working still! Finally there’s voice work and I’ve received over 30 submissions so far. lol
The big thing after all that is to create a Trailer!
Stay Tuned, Wilders We’re almost done!