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Sep 122012

Just had a birthday and time’s really slippy by! Generally that means I’m working on something constantly.
That seems to be the case currently. It just seems like not much is getting done. But in actuality, so much is!

Finishing up the menu and level reading so I can start making end-user levels easy enough (outside of the editor that is).

This almost seems like a footnote, which is weird, but I finally got around to polishing up charge attacks in the way I had always envisioned. I dunno why it took this long, maybe it just required a deep knowledge of the game. It’s sort of the final building block of the combat and it’s really quite amazing honestly!
I plan on writing a lot about Aces Wild after I finish but the charging has a really nice risk/reward short-term/long-term dynamic to it. The added element of it using up your Wild allows it to be a climactic (or anti-) to really intense situations brought on by the Wild mechanic. Plus it feels way awesome!

Going Wild and Cooling Off aren’t working as well as I had initially thought. I never really liked powers that have contrived conditions. That’s basically the problem. I hope to have the damage multiplying mechanic built in a different way as well as the life gaining. The life gaining one is especially important.

Have I mentioned Pinata enemies? These type of enemies appear sporadically during Arcade mode and will be generated a special way during other modes. When you KO them, Ghost enemies fly out. Depending on how you KO the Pinata enemy, very few or very many Ghosts will pop out. These Ghosts attack several times all at once and then disappear. This creates extremely intense situations where you have the opportunity to score a ton or take a ton of damage.

Stay Tuned, Wilders!