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Aug 132012

Can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before so sorry if some of this is redundant.
In the game you have Wild and Bonus. Both of these things affect how aggressive enemies are among other more primary functions. At the end of each stage I wanted to reset your Bonus to provide a more averaged approach to the scoring. However, this meant there wasn’t a persistent element across each stage since your Wild reset as well.
So I decided to implement Rank. Wild and Bonus were basically your rank anyway but I wanted that effect across stages. Will after implementing it I realized how almost totally exactly the same it was to Bonus. I even just inserted it into the Bonus methods in the code. So now, I’m just gonna go with the one thing: Bonus Rank! It will be a smaller affect on your score multiplier but it will provide more opportunities for bigger scores based on the extra enemies you’ll get to fight because of it. It works like rank in manic shooters and godhand where it depends, basically, on how well you’re playing. I’m actually quite please with how this has all played out. Which brings me to my next little update.

They’re still not fully done but the new additions of ‘Going Wild’ and ‘Cooling Off’ (might be called Cool Break in the future) are really exciting. By accident they have some interesting balance to them. I made it so each time you used it, the Wild required to use it again would go up (this is reset at the end of each stage). The extra cool thing about it, is that you still want to build up your Wild really high because you’ll get more out of each execution at a lower cost. Or rather, you want to get the most bang for your buck each time you use it because it will cost more next time.

Anyways, I’m struggling a lot to fix things I’m not happy with but lots of other stuff is going awesomely.

Stay Tuned, Wilders!